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Greenberg Traurig’s Global Outbound Immigration practice reflects the client-centered approach for which our firm is known. GT recognizes the stress and difficulty inherent in sending employees abroad. To simplify this process GT offers a comprehensive outbound visa program that provides outstanding service to our corporate clients, human resources professionals (HR) and individual employees to make the transfer process as simple as possible.

Greenberg Traurig initiates the transfer process by providing information, guidance and assistance to our clients on specific country matters for the movement and relocation of employees. GT’s vast experience in providing these services to large international companies had allowed us to become familiar with and develop a seamless transfer process for corporate transferees. As a result, our team is knowledgeable in outbound immigration processes and facilitates transfers efficiently. GT takes the time to anticipate problems and resolve problems as well as streamline immigration visa procedures.

GT’s global visa initiative has allowed us to develop strategic relationships with attorneys abroad. We recognize that immigration procedures can be daunting to understand especially without knowledge of the local language. Our local partners are experienced in local immigration laws which allows them to better explain the processes to our clients and resolve any issues that may arise. GT holds our local partners to the same standard of customer service that we hold ourselves - excellence. By doing so all client questions, issues and concerns are addressed and resolved in a timely manner.

GT also offers a proactive technological approach to tracking transfers through daily telephonic and electronic mail updates, a web-based tracking system, GT Alerts and web updates. Additionally, we work closely with HR personnel and company assignees to ensure continuous communication. Utilizing various systems assists in managing the expectations of managers and assists in tracking renewals and deadlines for expatriate employees abroad.

GT’s business immigration groups is available seven days a week to meet client requests. We offer the experience and attentiveness to client needs of an immigration “boutique” within the framework of a full-service law firm. Our efficiency and expertise ensures first-rate service at a competitive price.

Short-term Tourist/ Business Visitors

Whether your visit is for the purposes of business (for working requirements please refer to Long-term Work and Residence Permits) or to arrange housing prior to an employee transfer abroad, GT can advise you on the visa that best suits your needs.

U.S. citizens and permanent residents may enter many foreign countries without a visa if they limit their visit to 90 days and to activities that fall within the “business visitor” categories.

Most countries designate specific activities as permissible for business visitors. An example of these activities includes:

  • Participation in meetings, seminars, exhibitions and training sessions
  • Aiding the establishment or review of financial or human resources concerns
  • Negotiating contracts, soliciting orders and providing product information as well as resolving issues with customers for sales and marketing personnel
  • Negotiating contracts for joint ventures, manufacturing affiliations and sourcing and licensing agreements

To obtain a business visitor visa the client will have to show that they can satisfy certain residency and employment requirements.

GT provides all of our clients with the visa regulations for their country of destination, advises them on whether their activities fall into the category of business or tourism, provides them with lists of required documents to facilitate the procurement of necessary travel documents, prepares and submits visa applications to embassies or consulates on behalf of the assignee and consults with local counsel in complex cases.

For specific information relating to your planned activities in your country of destination please contact the attorney you work with at GT.

Long-term Work and Residence Permits

Today’s global market requires companies to send many of their employees abroad for employment purposes often for extended periods of time. GT’s Global Outbound Immigration Practice helps employers and employees with this process from the start of the transfer until the employee is repatriated or sent to a third country. GT relies on its experience and vast network of local partners around the world to facilitate employee transfers. Not only does GT process all the necessary applications in the US and abroad on behalf of our corporate clients and individual employees, but we also take into consideration the needs of accompanying family members by offering them immigration support.

Most countries require “work permits” for employees who wish to engage in activities that fall outside of the scope of those conducted by “business visitors,” regardless of the intended length of stay. Additionally, work permits are required in most countries for business related activities exceeding a ninety (90) day period. GT works closely with local counsel in the country of destination to facilitate issuance of the required permits for both intracompany transferees and direct hires going abroad, and assists with the collection of all necessary documentation.

The processing time for the approval of a work permit varies depending on the intended destination. However, GT is committed to helping our clients obtain work permits by most expeditious process available, relying on our relationships with foreign officials and our agents abroad. GT also assists in obtaining the necessary residence permits and comply with foreign registration requirements to avoid jeopardizing their immigration status in destination countries.

GT takes time to evaluate the benefits of different work permits and helps corporate clients determine what options best suit their needs. Additionally, once the employee is transferred abroad we monitor expiration dates and process renewals. GT keeps clients informed of the transfer process by providing them with country transfer information specifically created for them as well as through electronic updates and our secured web-based case management system.

For specific information relating to your planned activities in your country of destination please contact the attorney you work with at GT.

Tax Minimization For Employers and Foreign Workers

  • Counsel companies and individuals on global tax minimization techniques
  • Assist companies in structuring compensation packages to take advanatage of tax treaties and tax benefits available in each country
  • Advise on all aspects of global share plans, including tax, payroll, data protection, exchange control, securities and labor and employment laws worldwide