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January 28, 2008   DOL Issues Report on H-2A and H-2B Program
January 2008   DOL Releases New PERM Labor Certification Statistics


November 2007   Federal Government Fails in Attempt to Bend Regulatory Flexibility Act
October 2007   Less than 80 Days Left Until the Legal Arizona Workers Act (HB 2779) Takes Effect: Is Your Business Ready?
September 2007   No-match, ICE, Investigations, Fines, I-9s — How Much More Difficult Can it Get to Run a Business?
August 2007   Department of Homeland Security Issues FINAL Regulations on Social Security Number No-Match Letters
August 12, 2007   Immigration and Customs Enforcement Division of DHS Issues Final Social Security Number No-Match Enforcement Regulation
August 10, 2007   Georgia Weighs in on Immigration Debate by Imposing Stringent Employment Eligibility Verification Requirements on Public Employers and Contractors
August 10, 2007   Announcement Impacting Employers Made Today by the Department of Homeland Security
August 10, 2007   FBI Security Checks Taking too Long
July 2007   Arizona Governor Signs Draconian Employer Sanctions Bill - Not Too Late for Arizona Businesses to Respond
January 23, 2007   Interim Guidance for Adjudicating National Interest Waiver (NIW) Petitions and Related Adjustment Applications for Physicians Serving in Medically Underserved Areas in Light of Schneider v. Chertoff, 450 F.3d 944 (9th Cir. 2006)
January 2007   Visa Retrogression - What Lies Ahead?


October 2006   The Stakes are Raised at the Table: ICE Increases Enforcement Efforts – Will “Bad Actor” Employers Fold?
July 28, 2006   Department of Homeland Security Publishes Interim Regulations Relating to Electronic Signature and Storage of Form I-9: What Employers Need to Know
July 14, 2006   Department of Homeland Security Proposes Federal Regulations Aimed at Improving Worksite Enforcement: How Should Employers Respond to Social Security No-Match Letters?
April 28, 2006   Guidance for the Business Community on Compliance and Recent Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Action
April 25, 2006   Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s Single Largest Worksite Raid


December 2005   House Considering Sweeping New Mandates on Employers Including Uncapped Penalties as Part of Representative Sensenbrenner’s Border Protection, Antiterrorism, and Illegal Immigration Control Act of 2005
September 29, 2005   Guest-Worker Plan to Reduce Illegal Immigration
September 29, 2005   REMINDER: Special Registration
September 13, 2005   September 2005: Summary of State Laws on the Issuance of Driver's Licenses to Undocumented Individuals 


October 2004   Fall 2004 South Florida AILA / DMV Liaison:
Information from the Florida DMV on driver license issues 
July 13, 2004   New Version of Employment Authorization Card (Form I-766)
July 9, 2004


  USCIS Reminds Applicants for Adjustment of Status to Obtain Advance Parole Before Traveling Abroad
May 19, 2004   What You Should Know About the IRS, SSN, and ITIN 
February 5, 2004   Forum Shopping? Think Again
February 4, 2004   US-VISIT


Nov/Dec 2003   Congress Launches Assault on the Intracompany Transferee: Can the American Economy Withstand Proposed Changes to the L Visa?
August 2003   Can Your Company Really be Subject to Back Wages?
August 2003   Warning to Lawful Permanent Residents Transferred Overseas (PE)
August 2003   Play Ball! – But Not Without The Proper Visa: the O and P Visa Categories
July 2003   Did You File An Extension Or Change Of Your Status? Are You Sure You Are Not Accruing Unlawful Presence?
July 2003   Obtaining Social Security Cards For Foreign Nationals
July 2003   Labor Certification Made Easier. PERM Final Rule to be Released Soon
April 22, 2003


  New Interpretations: Did You File an Extension or Change of Your Status? Are You Sure You Are Not Accruing Unlawful Presence?
March 28, 2003   Social Security Administration’s Proposed Changes to Issuance of Social Security Numbers
March 2003   What are the Immigration-Related Consequences of Laying Off an H-1B Employee?
January 2003   Are Your I-9s Up to Par?
January 2003   Issuance of Social Security Numbers - Not a Precise Science
January 2003   More on SS No-Match Letters


March 11, 2002   USDA Terminates J-1 Waiver Sponsorship for Foreign Physicians
January 23, 2002   The U.S. & Canadian Smart Border Declaration
January 23, 2002   Clarification on New Form DS-157


December 19, 2001   Al Tanto de la realidad (Spanish) 
   Oscar Levin Interview
December 14, 2001   Senate Judiciary Committee Approves Spouse Work Authorization Bills
December 14, 2001   U.S. and Canada to Form "Smart Border"
December 10, 2001   Recent Announcements on Security at the Northern Border
December 3, 2001   Social Security Cards, Licensing and H-1B Adjudication
October 30, 2001   President Bush Signs the "USA Patriot Act"
October 24, 2001   Separating myth from fact in the context of H1-B layoffs
August 9, 2001   Mexico Immigration and Essential Workers
August 7, 2001   Need Employees at Lower Skill Levels? Immigration Breakthrough on the Horizon
August 7, 2001   Immigration Lobbyists Unite!
July 25, 2001   Initial Guidance for the American Competitiveness in the Twenty-First Century Act
April 19, 2001   Agency Updates
April 18, 2001   The New Administration and Congress
March 27, 2001   Further Issues Surrounding the H-1B Legislation Passed in 2000 - Focus on Portability
March 23, 2001   Nonimmigrant VISA Processing
January 30, 2001   Q&A for Employers on the Legal Immigration and Family Equity (LIFE) Act of 2000
January 23, 2001   H-1B Dependent Employers 
January 16, 2001   Important H-1B Action Alert
January 15, 2001   New H-1B Regulations Become Effective January 19, 2001
January 2001   Understanding Commonly Used Non-Immigrant Visas 


December 26, 2000   DOL Interim Final Rule Implementing ACWIA (published December 20, 2000): Issues of General Application
December 26, 2000   DOL Interim Final Rule Implementing ACWIA (published December 20, 2000): Issues of Special Concern to Dependent Employers


January 20, 1999   H1B New Rules - New Strategies