Immigration News Flashes - 2009

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December 2009

December 31   DHS Extends REAL ID Deadline

December 23   SEVP Announces New Mailing Address, Phone Number

December 23   FY2010 H-1B Cap Reached

December 7   DOL: Major Change in Prevailing Wage Requests Effective 1/1/2010

November 2009

November 30   H-1B Visas Almost Gone

November 20   A Thousand Businesses Served Notice for I-9 Inspections

November 12
  Visa Waiver Program Visitors should Disclose Receipt of 221(g) Notice as Visa Denial on their ESTA Applications

November 10   Supreme Court Seeks Solicitor General’s Opinion on Arizona Employer Sanctions Law

November 10
  USCIS Releases Updated H-1B Count for FY 2010

November 10   S.C. Poultry Plant Settles with Government in Large-Scale Illegal Hiring Case

September 2009

September 25   H-1B Cap Update for Fiscal Year 2010

September 14
  October Visa Bulletin

September 14   After 4 Delays, Federal Contractors Required to Use E-Verify on or after Sept. 8, 2009

September 9   Court Denies Plaintiffs' Injunction Request in Federal Contractor E-Verify Litigation

September 8   Mandatory E-Verify Requirements went into effect for Federal Contractors

September 4   OMB Extends Approval of Form I-9

September 4   Plaintiffs file Emergency Motion in Federal Contractor E-Verify Litigation

August 2009

August 31   USCIS Monitoring Use of the E-Verify and Sending Notices of Non-Compliance

August 26
  ICE To Intensify Crackdown on Employers of Undocumented Workers

August 26
  DHS Rescinds “No-Match” Rule and Shifts Enforcement Focus on Employers

August 17   CBP Announces Expansion of Global Entry Program to Thirteen Additional Airports

August 11   September Visa Bulletin

August 11   USCIS Updates FY 2010 H-1B Count and Reopens H-2B Fiscal Year 2009 Filing Eligibility

August 7   H-1B Visa Applications in Mexico - Third Country Nationals Applying for Visa Renewal in Mexico With a New Employer are Cautioned

July 2009

July 31   Senate Judiciary Committee Receives Testimony on E-Verify

July 22
  HR Manager of Columbia Farms Indicted  for Knowingly Hiring "Unauthorized Aliens"

July 22
  ICE Releases Fact Sheet on F, J, M Driver's License Requirements

July 21
  6th Annual CIS Ombudsman Report

July 21
  Secretary Napolitano Announces New Agreement for State and Local Immigration Enforcement Partnerships

July 21
  August Visa Bulletin

July 8   DOL PERM and H Statistics for First Quarter of 2009

June 2009

June 29 Form I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification

June 26
  USCIS Updates FY 2010 H-1B Count

June 26
  E-Verify Scheduled Outage

June 23   Resumption of Premium Processing Service for Immigrant Petition for Alien Worker

June 5
  Department of State Announces Visa Availability Update

June 1   E-Verify Requirements Delayed Again

June 1   Prepare for Summer Travel

June 1   H-1B Cap Numbers Still Available

May 2009

May 29
  Program Implemented to Enhance Identification and Removal of San Diego County Criminal Aliens

May 29
  DHS Begins Test of Biometric Exit Procedures at Two U.S. Airports: Next Step Toward Deploying Biometric Exit Procedures for International Travelers

May 18   Federal Prosecutors Agree to Drop Identify-Theft Charges in Potsville Slaughterhouse Case

May 14   John Morton Unanimously Confirmed as Assistant Secretary of ICE

May 6   Supreme Court on Identity Theft

April 2009

April 28
  ICE Secretary Nominee Provides Vision for Compliance Strategies

April 28
  Painting Services Company Owner Pleads Guilty to Unlawful Hiring, Money Laundering

April 28
  ICE Indicts 2 in Georgia for Immigration Conspiracy Involving Language Learning Center

April 24
  USCIS Provides Latest Count on FY 2010 H-1B Cap Petitions

April 24
  U.S. & Netherlands Launch Joint Air Travel Initiative

April 24
  Court Denies Rehearing in AZ Employer Sanctions Case

April 23
  Recent Immigration Enforcement and Reform Speeches and Testimony

April 17
  The E-Verify Requirement for Federal Contractors is Delayed Again

April 6   Information for Employer on the Cap-Gap Extension of Optional Practical Training

April 3
  14 Killed and Many More Taken Hostage at an Immigration Services Center

April 3
  New Form I-9 Requirements Effective Today - April 3, 2009

April 1
  Automatic Extensions Help F-1 and OPT Students Bridge the Cap-Gap

March 2009

March 30   Economic Crisis Forces Delay Comprehensive Immigration Reform

March 30   Extension of Grant of Deferred Enforced Departure for Liberians

March 30   District Court Overturns Illinois E-Verify Prohibition

March 30   DOL Provides Current PERM Processing Dates

March 30   USCIS Releases Updated Handbook for Employers

March 17
  E-Verify and EB-5 Regional Center Pilot Programs Extended through September 30, 2009

March 17
  April Visa Bulletin Shows Movement for EB-3 China and India; Philippines and all Other Chargeability Areas Retrogress Significantly

March 11
  California Service Center Discusses Documentation Confirming that the H-1B Beneficiary has Completed Degree Requirements

March 11
  U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services Eliminates FBI Name Check Backlogs

March 11
  U.S. Department of Homeland Security Releases Information on Stimulus Act Funding

March 11   U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services Updates Guidance on Security Checks

March 11   Foreign Nationals Face Tougher Restrictions Under the U.K. Points Based System

February 2009

February 27   President’s budget proposal (Fiscal Year 2010) for Border Security and Immigration Services

February 26
  USCIS Expands Premium Processing Services For Certain Immigrant Visa Petitions (Form I-140)

February 26
  EB-4 Nonminister Religious Worker Program and EB-5 Pilot Investor Program Expiring on March 6, 2009

February 26
  New Non-Citizen Military Recruitment Pilot Program

February 23   John Morton to Lead Immigration and Customs Enforcement; Secretary Napolitano Names Esther Olavarria as Deputy Assistant Secretary for Policy

February 11   The Senate Stimulus Package & U.S. Immigration Policy

February 3   House of Representatives Approves Economic Stimulus Package to Include E-Verify Requirement

January 2009

January 30
  Another Gift from the Obama Administration: Use of New Form I-9 is Delayed Until April 3, 2009

January 30   H-1B Cap-Subject Filing Period Fast Approaching

January 28

  New US-Visit Requirement for International Travelers, Including US Permanent Residents, Now In Effect

January 28
  New I-9 Must Be Used Beginning February 2, 2009

January 28
  Effective Date of Mandating E-Verify for Federal Contractors is Postponed Until May 21, 2009

January 18   DHS Reminds International Travelers that CBP Begins Implementing New US-VISIT Requirements on January 18

January 13   100,000 Employers Use E-Verify Program

January 12   New Document Requirements for U.S. and Canadian Travelers

January 12   USCIS Announces Filing Location for All EB-5 Related Filings

January 7   Nebraska Service Center Practice Tips on Scheduling Biometrics Appointments for Reentry Permit Applications

January 7   H-2B Cap Count as of December 26, 2008

January 7   Department of Homeland Security Adds Malta to the Visa Waiver Program

January 7   U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services Ombudsman’s Issues Report on Use of E-verify in Arizona